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Monday, July 19, 2010

Teeth Whitening Advances To Modern Times

Smiling is one of the toughest things to do in life, particularly when you know that you do not have the perfect white teeth. A smile is one of the most essential factors of our life. It brings about a lot of benefits, not to forget the positive outlook it can spread out to other people watching you. However with age and the consumption of certain food or beverages, the teeth become stained and discoloured. However, not many of us know where it all started from.

The Smile History

We all know that teeth whitening procedures are as old as the human civilizations itself. Apart from the contemporary world, teeth whitening procedures were used by our ancestors as well. The use of teeth whitening procedures predates the AD era, however they were incepted way before this epoch, somewhere around 3000 BC. Obviously, back then, people did not have the same kind of techniques and tools as we have today. But the concept remained the same; rubbing the teeth with some whitening material would help to eliminate any kind of food residue which clings to the teeth after eating.

Formerly, they used something known as the 'chew sticks'. As the name suggests, it is not a typical brush that we know today, but is made out of some type of a tender tree branch. One end of this small tree branch would either be frayed or unravelled. Regardless of how crude the material was, as long as it could create a whiter, cleaner finish, it was used for whitening teeth in the early days. Even today, people in some parts of the world still make use of chew sticks, which proves its effectiveness in teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening Procedure Timeline

In the year 1498, the first ever 'bristled' toothbrush was brought into existence in China. The bristles were created from the back hair of the famous Siberian hogs. Hollow bones or Chinese bamboo were used to manufacture the handles of these brushes. The Europeans took notice of these tools and brought it back with them in their hometown.

With the passage of years, hog's hair has been lost and such a material was replaced with plastic. Hog's hair was used for about half a millennium and then teeth whitening procedures went through a major revolution. Du Pont is one such genius who discovered nylon in the year 1938. Animal hair was then replaced by nylon, however in 1950; soft nylon bristles were introduced in toothbrushes.

After this, another technological revolution brought about the electronic toothbrush. It was one of the most convenient ways to attain whiter teeth, which was later replaced by battery operated one. The recent toothbrushes have a motor which caused the bristles to rotate automatically as soon as it was switched on.

Modern Teeth Whitening Situation.

After the discovery of nylon in the early 20th century, teeth whitening procedures have undergone a revolution. Therefore you need to be wise in selecting the options available to you.


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