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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nutrition and Dental Health

There is no need in mentioning the importance of proper diet for good oral and dental health. Having shiny and beautiful teeth is strictly linked to good eating habits, as well as eating a rich and balanced diet. Undoubtedly, for normal development and good health, our teeth need certain nutrients, minerals and vitamins. That is why a lot of people, who are on diet and limit consumption of one or another food, sometimes have such problems as cavities, gum related problems, etc. That’s because natural protection, which helps our teeth in fighting against aggressive influence of dangerous bacteria, gets weakened.

First of all, for keeping your teeth in a good condition it is very important to eat dairy products with some small content of fats. Fats help our body in calcium digestion. Eating some small amounts of low-fat cheese, or cottage cheese mixed with a little of fruit or nuts, not less than two times a week can be very useful for boosting your dental health. Besides, it is recommended to eat some seafood and small amounts of fatty fish on a regular basis. These foods are great sources of the fats, which also assist in calcium digestion.

Besides, it is essential to lower the consumption of foods which contain sugar and starch, especially such foods as sugary snacks or carbonated sugary drinks. When you eat such foods, they contact the existing bacteria in your mouth and favor the development of dental plague. There are also many foods containing dangerous acids, which can damage your teeth enamel. Certainly, you should not give up eating such foods completely, but remember that only regular brushing and flossing your teeth can help you minimize negative effects of these chemical substances on your dental health.

Also, you should remember that even if you use a toothpaste with good amounts of calcium and fluoride, it does not mean that your teeth do not need to receive more of natural fluoride or calcium with the foods you eat. No toothpaste can help you to achieve the same positive effects, which can be achieved by a healthy nutrition, because everything you take with meals stays in your body for much longer time, than your toothpaste. Therefore, brushing your teeth assists you in maintaining proper oral hygiene, and healthy nutrition should be your effective tool to prevent many possible risks and dental problems.

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