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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tips for Developing Smart Eating Habits Ensuring Your Oral Health

As an important supplement for usual procedures of oral hygiene, effective dental care requires developing healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, the realities of our life and such social factors as our age, socio-economic status, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, housing and so on, impact our eating habits a lot. Besides, such phenomena as advertising and social trends influence our eating habits, too. For instance, many people eat Chinese food because it is considered to be trendy.

However, nowadays, social influences started affecting our eating behavior to a great extent. For example, we often have no time for cooking healthy homemade meals and choose to eat in fast food restaurants or have snacks, which seriously harm our teeth and digestive system. In addition, modern young people live their life at night like owls, and this makes them eat and drink very late. Is it a healthy eating habit? Certainly not! That is why, unfortunately, the majority of eating habits of modern youth can hardly meet the requirements of healthy nutrition strategies and dietary recommendations.

It is especially important to educate your children for healthy eating habits and make them watch what they eat in order to take care about their teeth and gums. Childhood and adolescence are the most important times in everyone’s life from the perspectives of formation of human body and human psychology. That is why all good healthy habits must be established since early childhood, and all parents have to monitor closely eating behaviors of their children and be concerned about their dental and overall health.

Tips for developing good eating habits as important elements of dental care:

•Try to decrease consumption of the foods and drinks with high content of sugar and acids, such as candies, chocolate, jams, various juicy deserts, lemons, and so on.
•Try to decrease consumption of carbonated drinks as they are harmful for your teeth.
•Avoid chewing hard foods, as well as cracking with your teeth such foods as nuts, dry beans, etc.
•Avoid eating snacks between your daily meals as snacking considerably increases your risks to get tooth decay.
• If you can not give up snacking, eat some fresh fruit and vegetables.
•Avoid binge eating and junk food.
•If you suffer an eating disorder, learn how to protect your teeth in every particular situation.
•Try to enrich your daily diet with fresh vegetables, berries, bread and cereals, cheese, milk and yogurt, meat, fish, mushrooms and other foods with proteins and xylitol.
•Finally, make it a habit to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash or drinking water after every meal or snack.
After you have started observing these simple recommendations, it will not take a lot of time for you to notice the improvements of your oral and general health. Eating the foods enriched with vitamins and proteins, as well as balanced and regular nutrition must become essential elements of your daily dental care. In addition, healthy eating behavior will help you to decrease the risks of obesity, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. Stick to these simple principles of eating and your excellent health will be the best reward for all your efforts.

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